Children’s birthdays

A medieval birthday

Kufstein Fortress is also a place for excellent birthday celebrations. Children experience an exciting journey through time and together with the educational guide from the museum they head out in the footsteps of Emperor Max. On request, a birthday celebration can also be teamed up with a party afterwards, including juice and cake, a ‘knight’s’ snack, or a little ‘castle lord’s feast’ in the Festungswirtschaft.

Children’s birthday celebrations

When was Kufstein fortress built, why is the Kaiserturm tower actually called the Kaiserturm, how deep is the well and what has all this to do with Emperor Maximilian? During an exciting treasure hunt little ones get to head out in the footsteps of Emperor Maximilian, facing crafty, puzzling questions, finding hidden clues and then solving the myth-enshrouded secrets of this impressive fortress on the lush banks of the River Inn.

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Duration around 90 minutes
Age from 6 to 13 years
Group size max. 25 children
Fee € 130,00 for 10 children / for every additional child € 7,00

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