Culinary offer

Feat like they did in medieval times

‘Festungswirtschaft Kufstein’ provides hearty, traditional meals for individual visitors and for travel groups. Along with perfect service you also get to enjoy the unusual historic ambience of the stylish snugs and the relaxed atmosphere in the managed ‘Schlossgarten’. ‘Festungswirtschaft Kufstein’ is open during fortress opening hours and is also an ideal location for company events, promising an incomparable ambience for weddings, Christmas celebrations and birthday parties. One special highlight is the popular ‘castle lord’s feast’, which is known well beyond the fortress walls.

Available facilities:

Restaurant Festungswirtschaft up to 15 persons
Former castle chapel up to 60 persons
Schlossgarten (outside) - in summer time only up to 70 guests
Artillery vault from 60 up to 300 persons

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