Virtual connected system and information technology to provide tourists with access to cultural heritage

VISIT utilises the digital restructuring to provide tourists with access to cultural heritage. With Veste Oberhaus (Passau) and Kufstein Fortress two representatives of palaces, castles and residences in the Inn-Salzach-Donau area are made accessible by way of new multi-media installations and a virtual digital connection system. The project enables visitors to experience two fortress facilities – with a common, border-crossing history - in an innovative manner and opens up all these areas to a new audience.

A joint cultural area - Bavaria and Tyrol

Along with buildings, the project also includes museum collections, which includes significant reference collections from Bavaria, Austria (Tyrol) and the prince-bishoprics of Salzburg and Passau, which are part and parcel of the cultural history. The museums are working with business partners from the Digital Humanities, art history and applied informatics/mathematics sectors, to create a comprehensive digital infrastructure in terms of the presentation and safeguarding of cultural artefacts.

Multimedia (cultural) tourist sites

The historic observation/viewing tower in Veste Oberhaus and the Kaiser-/Fuchsturm tower at Kufstein Fortress were upgraded, as part of the ViSIT multimedia, tourist sites. They have been designed in such a way that visitors are provided with information and interaction opportunities in all areas (semantic cross referencing, social matters). This captures attention and interest for the respective site and makes it attractive as a potential place to visit. In a similar manner, the museums involved as associated partners have created content across locations, which means that a connecting system of offers related to one another are creating a "Virtual Museum". Transferrable software frameworks and use of "Best Practices" will enable the association to be extended in the future.

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