Bürgerturm tower with the Heroes’ Organ

Protective and proud

The museum in the Bürgerturm tower houses an extensive collection of exhibits of Tyrol’s Kaiserjäger regiment and Tyrol’s ‘Schützen’. The only free-standing organ in the world is also housed here. The content of the Heroes’ Organ and the Kaiserjäger museum is based on an idea of Max Depolo from Innsbruck - himself a ‘Kaiserjäger’, composer of the famous ‘Kaiserjäger’ song and idea generator - to setting up a free-standing organ in the Bürgerturm tower of Kufstein Fortress.

The Heroes’ Organ

Every day at midday you get to experience the unique Heroes’ Organ being played. With its 4948 pipes it is the largest free-standing organ in the world and the sound can be heard right across the town of Kufstein. In the months of July and August the Heroes’ Organ is also played to 6 p.m. The Kaiser Maximilian panorama cable car does not operate during the recital. The Heroes’ Organ recital is included in the entry fee to Kufstein Fortress.

Significant history

The pipes of this, the biggest free-standing organ in the world, have been housed in the Bürgerturm tower of Kufstein Fortress since 1931. The original organ had two manuals with 26 stops and 1813 pipes. In 1971 this acoustic memorial was refurbished and extended to four manuals with 46 stops and 4307 pipes. In 2009 the organ was completely refurbished and underwent technical upgrading to provide 65 stops and 4948 pipes. One feature worthy of note is the built-in glockenspiel which has 18 tubular bells. The key desk of the organ is located in the Festungsneuhof.

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