Themed guided tours

A voyage through time through the chequered history of the fortress

Kufstein Fortress looks back on a chequered history spanning some 800 years. As part of the specific themed guided tours on offer, you have the opportunity to learn about various periods of time and events in detail. Our partner - Guides – also offers various themed guided tours.

Guided tour - Behind bars

In darker times, Kufstein Fortress was a notorious state jail. Many people had to atone for their political beliefs; others merely fell out of favour with the monarchs. These days on a themed special guided tour you get to take a look behind the heavy doors of the Kaiserturm tower. On request, the head chef will serve a 3-course menu, once the reserve of the noble and privileged prisoners at that time.

  • max. 30 persons
  • about 80 minutes
  • fixed price € 120,00 plus entry ticket
  • on request: 3-course menu

Guided tour - Kufstein Fortress at night

Conquer Kufstein’s landmark during of the night-time guided tours of the fortress and explore this unique bastion by moonlight. Together with an experienced guide you get to explore the impressive fortification high above the town. On a guided tour there is also plenty of interesting information to discover about the history and the function of the fortress, as well as one or another secret. On request, the programme may also be combined with some bread and wine in the ‘Schlossgarten’ gardens after the guided tour, to bring the event to a lovely close.

  • max. 30 persons
  • about 80 minutes
  • fixed price € 3,00 per person (minimum for the guide € 60,00) plus entry tickets
  • additional € 360,00 for events beside opening hours

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