How it is used today

Conservation and use.

Today Kufstein Fortress is one of the most appealing excursion destinations for tourists in Tyrol’s Unterland (lowland) area. At the start of the 1990s professional revamping and marketing started. Great milestones were the setting up of the Panorama cable car, a complete refurbishment of the historic foundation and also the construction of the visitor centre. One further milestone was the construction of the mobile roof for the Josefsburg. With these features, Kufstein Fortress has even established itself as one of the most attractive event locations in Austria.

Exciting adventure realm

These days Kufstein Fortress welcomes some 170,000 visitors a year and is therefore one of the most-visited sites in Tyrol. As well as this, in the roofed festungarena a wide variety of events are held every year, ranging from Rock and Pop concerts, to the Knights Festival and the magical Christmas events to the Operetta summer.

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